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Lift and tint

Your lashes, with added oomph via semi-permanent curling and tinting.


Consultation; Tailoring to your natural lashes and eye shape; Aftercare advice

You want

Natural length and volume; Definition and curl; Long-lasting results


An eye-opening treatment including semi-permanent lengthening, curling and tinting.

Your lash expert will lift your lashes from the root and then tint them to your liking.

During your treatment

Your lash expert will begin by cleansing your eye area, and applying an under eye pad to protect your lower lashes. Next, they’ll assess your natural lash length and shape to choose the right silicone mold for your lash lift. With your eyes closed, they’ll apply the mold over your eyelid, before individually folding each eyelash upwards over the mold, held in place by a non-toxic adhesive.

A series of solutions specifically developed for use around the eye area will work to perm, neutralise, tint and condition the lashes. You may experience some mild irritation during these steps, but it shouldn’t feel unbearable.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You're pregnant.

You haven’t had a lash lift and tint treatment in the last year or a lift and tint patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment. You will need to sign a disclaimer if not.

You had a lash lift or a lash lift & tint less than 6 weeks ago. We advise to wait 6-8 weeks in between treatments.

You have an eye infection or you have had an allergic reaction to an eyelash treatment in the past.

You’re looking to enhance your natural lashes with extensions – check out our range of individual and Russian Volume lash extensions instead.