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How Urban works

How Urban works

Therapist and patient before the at-home massage
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Pick a treatment

Choose from 15+ styles of massage, or at-home beauty, osteopathy and physiotherapy.


Choose your therapist

Browse qualified and insured mobile massage and beauty therapists, osteopaths and physios.


Set a time and place

Book to your home or hotel, any time from 7am-11pm daily, with same-day bookings available.

What to expect from a professional massage

Whether you're booking a massage at home or in a spa, here are 6 things you should expect from a professional service. Correct towel draping techniques, conversational and physical boundaries are key. Read more

FAQs about home treatments

London home massage starts at £69, including sports massages and deep tissue massages. Specialist treatments including CBD massage with Gaia Guru, Muscle Therapy with Theragun™ and Injury/pain management massages start at £79.

For home massage in Manchester and Birmingham, prices start from £51 for a 60-minute massage, including relaxing massages, pregnancy massage and the Swedish massage-inspired Urban classic.

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Space for the massage table

You’ll need about 2x2m of floorspace. To check you have enough space for a home massage, roll out a yoga mat – if you can walk around it easily, you should be fine. 

Three clean towels
You’ll need a small hand-sized towel for the headrest and two large ones for the massage table. 

Candles and spa music optional
The beauty of an at-home massage is you set the scene. Choose what to listen to – from classic spa vibes to something more upbeat - and enjoy creating your home spa by lighting candles.

Here’s how a typical Urban home treatment goes, step by step:

1.Your mobile therapist arrives fully-equipped
For massage, osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments they’ll bring a massage table, massage oils, wax and/or balms, plus any required PPE.

For beauty treatments, they’ll bring salon-quality products with them as well as equipment like UV lamps for gel manicures and massage tables and basins for facials and pedicures.

2.Relax while they set up
Within minutes they’ll turn your living room into a home spa or clinic. Feel free to relax in another room while they get set up or sit and chat with them. For facials and luxury pedicures, your therapist will need access to warm running water.

3.Be guided through a quick consultation
Your therapist will run through some questions (either by chatting to you or with a quick form) specific to the treatment you’ve booked, which might include any health concerns.

4.Get changed in private
For massages, your therapist will leave the room while you get comfortable on the table. You must wear underwear on your lower half at all times, but if you wear a bra you can take it off. Once you’re ready, lie face-down on the massage table (or wait if you need help), with a towel covering you.

5.Enjoy your treatment 
Your therapist will check the pressure’s right at the start, but let them know any time if it’s not.

6.Get aftercare advice and easily rebook
At the end of the treatment your therapist will give you privacy to get dressed before packing down. They’ll recommend aftercare advice, but you can also message them with any questions after your treatment via the Urban app. You can schedule your next session there and then via their app, or rebook easily later. 

For massage treatments, you must wear underwear on your lower half at all times. If you wear a bra, it’s up to you whether you keep it on so your therapist can work on your back – your chest will always be covered. You can also choose to wear sports gear such as leggings or shorts if you feel more comfortable.

A note about safety

All Urban treatments are strictly non-sexual and we have a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment. That includes (but isn’t limited to) not wearing underwear or exposing yourself. We don’t hesitate to take action against offenders, including involving the police. Read more.

You can cancel your booking at any time, but we do charge a fee if you give us less than 24 hours notice. Here’s how it works:

Notice periodRefund amount to you
24 hours or more100%
Up to 2 hours before treatment70%
Within 2 hours0%

Our most popular massages include deep tissue massage, sports massage and the Swedish massage-inspired Urban classic. Deciding which massage is best for you is a matter of personal preference: what pressure you prefer, what treatment benefits you’re looking for and how you’d like to feel afterwards.

Browse treatments to discover specific benefits, from tackling lower-back pain and addressing shin splints and RSI, to aiding a restful sleep.

With an average treatment of 4.9/5, Urban is the UK’s leading massage delivery app. Since 2014 we’ve delivered over a million mobile massage treatments in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Paris. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our Trustpilot reviews to read what others thought.

Takes the stress out of booking…
"Takes the stress out of booking appointments. I now have all my massages at home!"

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Great service

"Great service. Clear, straight forward platform."

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic service…

"Fantastic service…. Lots of treatment options and very well priced. Imagine that you can order a massage to come to your home at a time and price that suits."

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

At Urban safety is our top priority. Learn what we're doing to make our community safer for both mobile massage therapists and bookers here.

Or read more information on our therapist screening process.